3 pcs. BP15 +3 SMH710 Headsets

3 BP15 Beltpacks & 3 SMH710 Headsets

  • Artnr: PI-EC3C
  • Enhet: st

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For those wanting a lighter, smaller beltpack think of the BP.15beltpack. The same aluminum extrusion, impact resistant front and back bezels and recessed controls that are what makes the BP1 ‘bullet-proof’. To shrink the size, the headset and the loop-through XLRs on the back use a smaller circuit connector. We offer an optional accessory cable to convert from the smaller connector back to XLR, and an optional Y-cable to allow looping onwards to the next station in the circuit. For a neater less cumbersome solution we suggest using the SB1 Splitter Box. The actual circuit of the BP.15 is identical to the BP1, so it sounds the same. The size of the BP.15 is approximately that of a deck of playing cards.