400 ohm earspeaker, 200 ohm dyn. mic.

400 earspeaker, 200 dynamic mic.

  • Artnr: PI-SMH710
  • Enhet: st

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All lightweight headsets are more fragile than their full-sized counterparts, but the SMH710 is definitely not disposable. It is repairable and the muff is replaceable. The audio quality permits wearing it for long periods without the ‘ear fatigue’ that occurs when the audio is of poor quality. And the other people on the system will similarly not be annoyed, as the microphone on the SMH710 sounds as good as that on the SMH310. At 3.88oz (110g) the SMH710 challenges all comers for weight, performance and price. The SMH710 has a flexible boom which can be swung up into the vertical position and is fitted with a 4-pin female XLR connector and a foam ‘pop’ filter on the microphone.
The SMH710 may only be worn on the left ear.

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