400 Ohmearspeaker, 200 Ohm dyn. mic.

400W earspeaker, 200 dynamic mic.

  • Artnr: PI-SMH210
  • Enhet: st

Beskrivning av artikel

SMH210 and DMH220

SMH210 and DMH220 have exceptionally high quality transducers providing wide smooth frequency response and reducing ‘ear fatigue’.

Comfortable ear cushions have excellent external noise exclusion. The flexible headband is adjustable.

Noise-canceling microphone is mounted on a flexible, steel reinforced boom, easily twisted into a preferred position.

The normal transducer configuration for use with Pro Intercom and compatible headset intercom systems is 400W earspeakers and a 200W dynamic microphone. Electret microphones and lower impedance earspeakers are also available.

SMH210 and DMH220 are fitted with a 4-pin female XLR plug. Different plugs may be installed at a reasonable cost.

Low initial cost (compared to other professional communications headsets of equivalent quality), combines with long working life and low cost of repairs to offer outstanding value.

200-series headsets are compatible with Clear-Com® and all other popular headset intercom systems.

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