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USB Web Camera functionality

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20x Optical zoom
Ultra flexible optics allow you to zoom in on any subject from strategic mounting locations while maintinaing full image quality and limiting the need for lossy digital zoom. P120 is ideal for many applications from discreetly mounted stage positions, meeting room spaces to presentation areas and production stages. Super smooth zoom control gives a professional edge to the high-quality images.

Sony image sensor
Utilising an incredibly sensitive and high quality Sony image sensor, P120 gives you excellent performance in even the most challenging shooting environments. P120’s image quality easily surpasses standards for its category sporting sharper images, better motion and more accurate colour and exposure representaion.

High Quality optics
A custom 20x optical zoom lens with autofocus completes the image module for P120, offering smooth zoom, excellent clarity across the entire range and wide arpeture control from f1.8 upwards.

Full bandwidth BirdDog NDI®
NDI® is available in two distinct flavours, Full bandwidth NDI® and NDI® | HX. At its beating heart, P120 utilises the professional-level full bandwidth NDI®, giving you visibly higher quality images, noticeably lower latency and universal compatibility with all software. The quality of your production is defined by the quality of the images you begin with - by demanding the highest quality NDI® with the BirdDog proporietarty silicone processing offering the best signal/noise ratio and lowest latency (line-based processing), you are guaranteeing your production has the best foundation for an outstanding result.

Silicon 2 High efficiency flexibility
Sometimes full NDI® does not fit the bill, perhaps your connection between campus buildings is not fast enough, or you only have internet connection between sites – BirdDog’s Silicon 2 solves this by enabling high efficiency encoding, supporting formats including NDI® | HX, SRT, RTMP as well as BirdDog’s own Cloud Connect allowing full remote control and fleet management, anywhere in the world, without a computer in sight.

Quad output
BirdDog P120 sports NDI®, HDMI, 3G-SDI and USB outputs. All outputs are live, and all outputs are treated equally and independently. The internal architecture of BirdDog P120 differs immensely from other cameras in the category in the fact that the original source video is sent to each output simultaneously rather than being processed by the IP board and then shared to the SDI output, minimising processing and maintaining quality. BirdDog P120 cameras truly conform to the SMPTE 259M standards for SDI guaranteeing the best quality in traditional SDI environments.

USB Web Camera functionality
Built into the P120 is one of the world’s best web cameras, owing to the high-performance, broadcast tuned sensor and optics, simply plugging in the P120 over USB allows you to use the camera on any application that supports UVC Webcams such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Bluejeans and more. It even has Zoom control over USB allowing far-end control of the camera over common videoconferincing platforms. P120 improves video conferencing image quality dramatically and takes your presentations to the next level.

360º Mohawk tally
P120 has a large tally light on top which is visible from any angle, always know which camera is live to air, or preview ready to go live. With the addition of silicone numbering plugs on the rear the tech team can identify cameras at a glance.

Built-in OLED display
P120 features an onboard OLED information display showing all key information at a glance, including camera name, video format, IP address and more. Making integration and management a breeze.

Colour matrix
P120 now has Colour Matrix. Colour Matrix until now has been reserved for cameras 20x the price. It gives you unprecedented control over your images allowing individual adjustment of every aspect of the colourimerty of the camera - all wrapped up in a revolutionary control dashboard giving ingredibly intuitive control and ensuring the most lifelike PTZ images are achieved.

Audio intercom capability
BirdDog Comms is a unique A/V intercom platform that allows crew and talent communication between all BirdDog devices, including P120. Simply plug in a mic and earpiece and your talent can use the P120 as an IFB communications gateway. Comms is the difference between a professional production and an un-scripted show - BirdDog Comms Lite is available free of charge while Comms Pro enhances the experience further with party lines, mix minus and optional Dante integration. Comms Pro is available free of charge to all Educational and House of Worship customers.

Broadest NDI® functionality
At the core of all BirdDog products is our proprietary NDI® silicone implementation. Our customised video processing engine generates NDI® with higher quality and lower latency. It doesn’t stop there. BirdDog has a track record of always being the first to support the very latest NDI® versions and functionality. This allows integration with more systems and much greater scalability owing to the newest tools, technologies and efficiencies employed by modern NDI® versions. P120 supports Unicast, Multicast, Multi-TCP, NDI® Groups management, NDI® Bandwidth management, Tally, NDI® camera control, Auto-discovery, NDI® Failover protocol, NDI® Access Management and more.

NDI® Genlock
Utilising the latest NDI® 5 network interfaces, BirdDog devices uniquely to take advantage of NDI® Genlock, nominating a single device as the source of timing for all cameras. Large scale and multi-camera shoots benefit by ensuring all cameras are sending video on the same timestamp, keeping things tighter in sync and easing post production workflows.

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