Teradek ART 1152 Encoder/Decoder 2U

Teradek ART Adaptive Reliable Transport

  • Artnr: T-10-1152
  • Enhet: st

Beskrivning av artikel

The Video-Aware, Ultra-Low Latency Streaming Protocol

What is ART?

ART (Adaptive Reliable Transport) is a streaming protocol that delivers secure, ultra low latency (ULL), broadcast-quality audio and video over the Internet. The protocol was jointly developed by Teradek and Amimon using the same methodology behind Teradek’s Emmy and Academy Award-winning Bolt wireless video system.

  • ART is network- and video-aware, optimizing for both simultaneously
  • Ultra low latency streaming at less than 100ms over WAN
  • End-to-end AES-256 encryption
  • Easy firewall traversal with various operational modes
  • Constrained peak bit rates and no re-transmission delays
  • Extreme resilience over challenging networks
    • Forward Error Correction (FEC)
    • Graceful degradation during packet loss
    • Rapid recovery when the network returns to normal

Why does ART matter?

ART overcomes the challenges of streaming over lossy public networks, namely video pixelation, stuttering, freezing, sync loss, delays, and total dropouts; all whilst retaining ultra low latency.
It is the only protocol that optimizes for both video quality and network characteristics simultaneously, delivering the best possible streaming experience despite network performance.

ART provides:

  • More natural, lifelike bi-directional streaming interaction between anchors and guests.
  • Graceful degradation and rapid recovery over networks with significant packet loss. Video freezes are extraordinarily rare due to ART’s ability to smoothly adapt to varying network conditions.

How is ART different from SRT?

Unlike SRT, ART does not require retransmissions. Instead, ART relies on a combination of patented techniques
and Forward Error Correction to retain its ultra low latency despite poor network conditions.

How is ART used?

ART currently supports:

  •     Real-time, bi-directional streaming between two ART systems over a LAN or WAN
  •     Point-to-point streaming from ART encoder to decoder
  •     Distribution from 1 ART encoder to multiple ART decoders through Teradek’s Core cloud platform or over a LAN.
  •     Multicast over a LAN

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